Stella Maris NHA Trang Hotel: Different hotel room types

When booking a hotel for your vacation, you may get surprised by the overwhelming types of rooms that you can choose from. This makes the booking period all the more difficult as you’re unsure whether or not that specific room is good for you and your loved ones. 

These rooms differ from each other in various ways, from size to amenities, beds and more. Thankfully, the confusion ends today because in this blog, we’re going to explain each room type, what comes with them and more. This way, you can easily book your hotel the next time you, your family and your loved ones travel. If you want to learn more, here’s everything you need to know:

Single room

From the name itself, this hotel room is perfect for lone travellers since they only contain a single bed that fit one person. Aside from that, the space allotted in the overall room is smaller than others but it doesn’t compromise comfort. 

It’s ample enough for a single person. But with the number of amenities, more than one person can enjoy them. Even though it’s a smaller room, it still comes with all the things you need to ensure a comfortable stay. This includes:

  • Bed
  • Cable TV
  • Access to hot water
  • Private toilet and bath
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Iron & ironing board
  • Desk.

These amenities can vary depending on the hotel you’re staying in but they’re the most common ones you’ll see. Moreover, because of its small space, single rooms are usually the cheapest type that you can book.

Double room

A minor upgrade to its single counterpart, the double room can fit up to two people. This is due to the various improvements with one of the most notable ones being the much-spacious double bed perfect for couples.

If you’re travelling with a companion you’re not willing to share the same bed with, you can request the hotel to have two single beds instead. This way, you can still enjoy the spacious room without having to sleep next to somebody else.

As for couples, they can either choose from a king or a queen-sized bed. Whichever their choice is, it’s certain that they’ll have enough room.

The double room along with the single variation is usually the standard type that hotels from around the world offer.

Triple room

As stated in its name, the triple room can accommodate up to 3 people without compromising comfortability, size and quality. This is a huge step up in terms of size compared to the 2 previously mentioned types because it’s meant to hold more beds.

Moreover, the layout of this type will consist of an extra room as opposed to having only one as with the single and double room. This way, the guests will have more space to move around freely without obstruction.

Triple rooms can come with the following combinations of different sized beds:

  • Two double beds
  • Three twin beds
  • One double bed and a twin.

As for the amenities, you can expect to see everything you need from a hotel. However, it can vary from one hotel to another as some offer more while others have fewer amenities.

Because of its size, some guests book a triple room even though there will be more than three people staying inside. This is allowed only if the hotel approves it or if it doesn’t exceed the maximum capacity.

Quad room

Improving the size further, the quad room is perfect for small groups that consist of up to 4 people which makes it perfect for small families who want to stay in the same room. Although it can fit 4 people, the room is still spacious enough to accommodate them thanks to the clever layout.

For example, to avoid cramped spaces, some hotels will choose to place the beds in opposite corners of the room. This way, they can stay in the same room without having to be in each other’s spaces.

Usually, the beds that you can request in this room type are only the queen and king-sized beds.

Hollywood twin

Hollywood Twin is a variation of the double room but made more comfortable thanks to it being much more spacious and a better bed that’s connected by a single headboard. Moreover, this room gives off a more premium feel than a typical double room.

Some of the amenities included in Hollywood twins include:

  • Flat-screen TV
  • Mini-refrigerator
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Mini-bar.

Queen room

Queen rooms are usually booked by couples as it provides the most comfortable thanks to a queen-sized bed. However, the queen can also be booked by a single person who wants to enjoy a more premium-looking and feeling room.

This room tends to be on the pricier side as it comes with more amenities compared to the ones with lower rates. Moreover, the design in this type of room tends to look more luxurious than a plain double room.

Twin room

Twin rooms lean more on the affordable side and it shares similarities with the double room in the sense that it’s specifically designed for only two people. However, twin rooms don’t have an option to feature a double bed. Instead, each one comes with two single beds.

This makes it a perfect choice for two people who aren’t necessarily strangers to one another but still don’t want to share the same bed. You’ll often see this being booked by people who are flying over for a business meeting, etc.

King room

A huge upgrade from the queen, the king room is much more spacious and it can fit two to three individuals. The size of the room is more than ample for two double beds but you can request the bed type before you check into the hotel.

Another area that the king room improves upon its queen counterpart is the bathroom. Usually, these rooms feature a bathtub meaning that it’s more spacious and feature a dedicated his and hers sink.

Double-double room

If you’re going to travel with your kids, the best room type to get is the double-double. With this type, you can enjoy staying in the same hotel room while being separated from each other to provide privacy.

The reason why it’s called this way is that the room always consists of two double rooms which are why it’s ideal for families. One double room is for the parents while the other one is for the children.

Studio hotel room

Just like a studio apartment, the hotel version feature a smaller space and everything you need can be found in a single room. However, don’t be fooled as even though it’s more compact, it still contains all the essentials that you need for a comfortable stay.

One great feature that these hotel rooms tend to have is a transformable piece of furniture. Some beds can transform into a desk or a sofa to make more room for other appliances.


If you’re looking to live lavishly and you have extra money to spare, then you can treat yourself to a suite. This room type comes in different sizes but one constant thing is that there is a separate room aside from the bedroom itself. This makes suites much more spacious than regular rooms because it’s like they have a dedicated living room instead of being just a bedroom.

Moreover, this living room serves as the lounge for when you have visitors over because it comes equipped with a sofa, flat-screen TV, chairs, etc. These rooms also come with their own kitchen where guests can cook meals for themselves and their visitors.

Because of the numerous amenities that come with this type of room, suites are the most expensive type of hotel room that you can book.

Book the right room for you!

These are the different kinds of rooms that you can choose from when booking your reservation. Now that you’ve learned about them, you can now book the right type for you and your loved ones! All you have to do is consider different factors such as how many people will be staying in the room and what amenities would you want to be included and that’s it! You can easily choose which room type is the best for your needs.

Regardless of your choice, you’ll still be getting a quality room that’s filled with everything you need from toiletries to bottled water and more. Keep in mind that just because you’re booking a cheaper room, doesn’t mean that it will have lesser quality than those with higher rates. It all falls to the size of the bed and the room itself which means that the more guests stay in the room, the more expensive the room will be. 

If you want to learn more about hotels, feel free to read our other blogs here at Stella Maris NHA Trang Hotel.